How to trade in IQ Option using VFX alert signals?

Trading with signal software for IQ Option is one of the trending ways of making money. However, It is also very important that you trade with a trusted and high-quality trading signal bot. In this article, I am going to share with you How you can trade on IQ Option using VFX alert.

How to find and get started with a VFX alert?

The first thing you need to do is click this link and you land on the VFX alert homepage. and click get signals.

Now, Fill in the details, enter your email, password and click sign up.



You can also sign up via google. just click sign up with google.


That’s it you will be redirected to the VFX alert signal dashboard.

How to trade with a combination of VFX alert and IQ Option?

Once, you have signed up you will land on the VFX alert signal dashboard. You need to have at least a basic plan to get started. I personally use the VFX alert pro account. You can check the plans here.

If you want to get a signal via telegram just click on your profile section and select telegram from the menu.

Next, visit the telegram link below and paste your token to the bot.

Now, click on the signals button at the top of the page and you will get redirected to the IQ Option dashboard. In case you don’t have an IQ Option account. Click here.

You must see two tabs. one is IQ Option and another one is the signal tab. you must be wondering what is it?

Well, you need to focus on three important points the currency, timer and strength of the signal.

As you can see below the GBP JPY is a currency on which we are getting the signal.

The 1 min time frame given below is the recommended time which suggests the time frame you should use to place the trade.

Lastly, the five lines or two lines, represent the trend strength which says how strong the signal is.


As you can see above we are getting a signal of EURGBP uptrend with 15 min timer.

Now what you need to do is. Firstly, click on the currency button and search for EURGBP in the list.

Next, set the timer, amount and click on the higher button.

Final Point

Trading with VFX alert is very easy and profitable. The most important point you need to remember is that you should trade which has a trend strength of three or above. You need to also focus on the time-lapse as given in EURGBP 3.27 is the time-lapse which says how much has passed when the signal was generated you need to adjust the time accordingly by subtracting the time-lapse with the recommended time.

The best way to understand and make a good profit is by trying this signal bot. You can try this bot also for free. However, for good results pick at least a basic plan and do comment below your thoughts below.





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